Keep Projects Under Budget

$ 195.00



Even the most successful A/E organizations constantly face unanticipated rework, fast-tracked billings to keep up with accelerated work schedules, and continual project changes. But the difference between an effective design firm and one that is not so fortunate, is that the firms that are ahead of the game achieve fair compensation for their time and effort despite such challenges. 

Chris focuses on strategies and tactics to set up and successfully manage your projects and the changes they go through—and not only survive, but profit. Learn the key points and provide tips and tools for developing a process-driven approach. You will learn how you and your team can: 

  • Set up your projects for success from the very start
  • Stay on the right track successfully
  • Manage change—and get clients to pay you for it
  • Successfully and easily monitor and track project progress

By attending this live webinar, you will learn how … 

  • You and your team can easily spot when you are deviating from your plan early enough to maximize your chances to recover and still meet client and profitability goals
  • To get back on track when you find you are getting derailed, using easy methods that every firm should use, including simple and scalable earned value analysis tools
  • Avoid pitfalls in implementing processes and tools

Whether you’re simply dissatisfied with the your teams’ financial results or you want to overhaul or refine your project financial tracking process, this webinar with the best practices processes that the most successful firms use is for you!

About the Presenter:
Chris Martersteck, AIA, LEED AP, DBIA, AECPM is a Project Management Instructor at PSMJ. Chris has been a progressive and proactive leader in the A/E Design and Construction industry for most of his nearly 40 years in the profession. Chris’s A/E/C experience includes leading fully-integrated teams and providing project management training, process and tool development as Director of Integrated Services, and Project Management for many top international A/E/C firms. His extensive experience as an A/E/C project and program manager and as an owner’s representative and seminar leader, informs his knowledge and abilities to serve the needs of all the project participants to better connect to the goals of clients—and all team members—and maximize success for all.